US Government Sales for a Leadership and Consulting Firm

  • Scope: company analysis, custom government sales strategy, screening criteria, pipeline management system set up, opportunities monitoring, bid/no-bid analysis, and proposal management support.
  • Industry: leadership and coaching, organizational management consulting.
  • Agencies: US Federal Agencies such as the US Small Business Administration, Executive Office of the President, US Department of Transportation, US Army, US Department of Homeland Security, General Services Administration, etc.
Client's previous public feedback:


Javier was exceptional to work with, and I look forward to a continuing relationship. We are already working with Javier on our next engagement.

Unlock Your Potential With Government Contracts

US Government Sales as a Service:

  • Screen business opportunities with Local, State and Federal Agencies
  • Influence future RFP requirements and drive more sales
  • Increase your ROI by focusing on the right opportunities and saving big amounts of time and resources
  • SW and IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Professional Services
  • Aerospace
  • Drones & UAVs
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Research & Development