You can grow your business,

but you don't have time or know-how to do it maximizing returns and minimizing risks.

We will maximize your chances of winning by implementing a business development process that is both efficient - any effort invested is maximized by leveraging cloud services, tech tools, automation, etc. - and effective - ensures that your prospects understand how your solution improves their businessess' KPIs and has in place procedures to close deals fast.

BizCusp can help you with this opportunity, some facts:

  • We have done this before, just in the last few years we helped companies win over $30 million in government and enterprise contracts.
  • We know how to develop effective pipelines, from lead generation to capture management. We currently manage the sales pipeline for several tech companies worldwide, which is giving them excellent results by solving the problem of their chiefs becoming the bottleneck for their firm's growth.
  • We know how to write winning proposals and close deals, our success rate is over 77%. We are business development experts with technical backgrounds and extensive experience winning deals government agencies and businesses worldwide.
BizCusp - Business Development That Wins - Technology B2B and B2G Services

BizDev That Wins

  • Government Pipeline Growth and B2G Sales
  • B2B Sales and Business Development
  • Winning Technical Proposal Writing
  • Helping entrepreneurs win business worldwide


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We have helped companies win business from:

Unlock Your Business Potential

21st Century Business Development

Our service approach will help your company win more while saving you time and resources. After having worked for dozens of customers, we have learned how to implement, develop, and manage opportunities pipelines that deliver more sales. Our team will leverage for you:

  • Cloud-based collaboration tools such as shared drives, management canvas applications, and team management tools, saving tons of time in communications and information sharing.
  • Artificial intelligence powered solutions that support the business development and sales processes, from pipeline set up and development to capture management and winning proposal writing.
  • Know-how in business development for technology companies to ensure success at any stage of the growth and sales process, whether it is identifying the best opportunities, optimizing sales, providing pricing analysis, or winning that must-win RFP.
  • SW and IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Professional Services
  • Aerospace
  • Drones & UAVs
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Research & Development

We provide tangible value with:

B2B Technical Sales as a service:

BizCusp - B2B Technical Sales Service - Worldwide
  • Discover what works best in B2B tech sales for your company
  • Take advantage of world-class know-how and advanced tools
  • Minimize risk and maximize ROI growing through a B2B sales service that wins.

US Government Sales Pipeline Development as a service:

  • Screen business opportunities with Local, State and Federal Agencies
  • Influence future RFP requirements and drive more sales
  • Increase your ROI by focusing on the right opportunities and saving big amounts of time and resources

On demand support with:

Government Proposals

Proposals for government agencies worldwide: US, Europe, UK, Australia, and International Organizations.


Business Proposals

Helping entrepreneurs win multimillion contracts with international companies in different industries.


Business Development

Ad hoc strategies, expansions, growth plans, and investment raising support for technology companies worldwide.


Let Us Help You Win!

About the team

Led by Javier Escartin, a seasoned business development expert specialized in providing effective B2G and B2B growth services for companies which value proposition is based on technology, our team is composed of business analysts, government and enterprise sales experts, and software support engineers.

Whether is with our done-for-you US Government Sales or B2B Technical Sales services, or with our on demand support with Government Proposals, Business Proposals, and Ad Hoc Business Development Projects, the BizCusp Team will leverage its advanced know-how and expertise to help you win more business for your technology company.




  • MSc in Engineering
  • Helping entrepreneurs win business worldwide

Javier has won us over $200k in small bids over 6 month period.
He brings tangible value to our business. He knows his stuff.

Tim – CEO Drone Company - US

Javier is just fantastic. He’s professional, prompt and adheres to deadlines. The quality of work shows he’s not just all talk, he’s definitely been doing this a long time and knows how to close a deal.

Mark – VP of Sales SW Company - Australia

Javier is a very smart, professional freelancer. He’s adept at writing proposals that clear out the fluff and get right to the point the decision makers will need. I highly recommend him!

Amanda – Sales Manager High-Tech Company - US

Javier’s planning, timeliness, attention to detail and communication were all great. Given that he had no background in our industry, I was surprised how relevant the substantive writing he did. Good Work!

Chris – CEO Emergency Services Company - US

  The single most scarce resource, the thing that keeps me up at night, is access to people [...]

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Peter Platzer - Spire's CEO