Proposal for Healthcare IT Systems under a NIH CIO-SP3 Contract

  • Scope: pricing proposal management in response to an RFQ issued under the National Institutes of Health NITAAC CIO-SP3 Contract for the procurement of healthcare focused IT systems.
  • Industry: Healthcare, Information Technology.
  • Agency: ational Institutes of Health - NIH, NIH Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center - NITAAC.
  • Contract value: > $1,000,000
Client's public feedback:


  Javier is a brilliant resource with a keen understanding of the needs we had for this particular project. I will absolutely use him again and will make sure to recommend him to anyone that's looking for a dedicated, professional, and intelligent resource!

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Javier has won us over $200k in small bids over 6 month period.
He brings tangible value to our business. He knows his stuff.

Brett – Founder & CEO Drone and UAV Services Company - United States

Javier is an outstanding professional. His proposal development acumen is one of the sharpest that I’ve ever seen. He really knows how to craft a story to help you win. […] Absolutely amazing.

Reggie – Founder and CEO Biotechnology Company - United States

Javier’s planning, timeliness, attention to detail and communication were all great. Given that he had no background in our industry, I was surprised how relevant and on-point was his writing. Good Work!

Logan – CEO Emergency Response Services Company - United States

I will work with Javier again. He invested the time to be sure his proposal was tailored exactly to our needs. […] He offered his own inputs and advice to ensure a quality product. Thank you!!

Chris – Business Development Manager Logistics and Supply Chain Company - United States

Javier was exceptional to work with, and I look forward to a continuing relationship. We are already working with Javier on our next engagement.

Patrina – Founder and CEO Leadership and Consulting Firm - United States

Javier is brilliant with a keen understanding of the needs we had for this particular project. […] I will make sure to recommend him to anyone that’s looking for a dedicated professional […].

Devin – CEO Healthcare IT Systems Company - United States